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Lycon Hot Wax 

Perfect for short stubborn hair on the face and body. Can remove hair as low as 1mm! Used at low temperature the hot wax has the finest ingredients that natures the skin leaving it soft, smooth and completely hair free.


Lycon Strip Wax

Lycon Strip Wax is used for large areas of the body e.g. back or chest. This wax is a slightly lower temperature than hot wax, leaving it just right. It is applied thinly and removed with a paper strip.



Lip -

Chin -

Lip & Chin-


Half Arm-

Full Arm-


Back & Chest -

Chest inc. Stomach-

Half Leg-

Full Leg-

3/4 Leg -

Bikini (Basic)-

G-String Bikini-




Hot Wax Extra -

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